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Latest Reviews for ALL THE WILD CHILDREN (a noir memoir)

"Josh has done an incredible job with the hand life dealt him.  I admire the hell outa that.  All the Wild Children is simply Stunning."

-  Ken Bruen

"What is most remarkable about All The Wild Children isn't the rhythmic fleetness of it's ernest prose, nor the relentless pace, nor the fantastic nature of its plot, nor, even, the fact that it is all true.  What is most remarkable is that Josh Stallings managed to survive malicious fate, addiction, and the belligerent idiocy of his youth, and somehow find some dregs of fortitude remaining that allowed him to put it all on the page with a rare degree of honesty; willingly admitting that truth is fleeting and that this is no more than his best recollection of the storms and what they left behind.  Laughing in the face of brutal misfortune and epic poor judgement is a tonic.  One that Stallings graciously invites us to imbibe with him.  Drink up.  God knows Josh did." 

- Charlie Huston

“Someday, this will read much better than it lived.”

- Lark Stallings (1975)

“All the Wild Children is a book that reads like an expertly blended cocktail of Stephen King’s “Stand by Me,” the drug fueled misadventures of Hunter S Thompson, the crime writing of George Pelecanos, and the wry, powerful, and often hilarious anecdotes of Henry Rollins. Plus it’s a true story about a guy fighting a never ending, extremely difficult, and ultimately rewarding battle; the battle to be a better person."

- Dave Richards - Pop Culture Vulture


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